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Tinto de Verano

I will admit it I love wine, especially red wine! My Dad’s family is from Spain, so our passion for wine and food is hereditary. But, drinking so much red wine in an island where weather is 80°F year-round can get quite hot. That is why I have resourced to drinking more “Tinto de Verano”.

“Tinto de Verano” or Summer Red is a cold, wine-based drink popular in Spain, and similar to sangria. It is normally made up of 1 part of table red wine and 1 part “gaseosa”. Proportions vary according to taste. “Gaseosa” is a Spanish soft drink that can be compared to a mixture of Sprite and water or Fanta.

My version of Tinto de Verano calls for 3 parts red wine, 2 parts Sprite and 1 part soda water with freshly squeezed lime. While “gaseosa” can’t be found in Puerto Rico or most parts of the US, I find that the combination of sprite and soda water gives you almost the same taste “gaseosa” would.

“Tinto de Verano” is extremely refreshing and great for drinking poolside on a hot day! Trust me, once you try it you will be drinking it every other afternoon for happy hour and pairing with your favorite tapas recipe like Pan con Tomate.


3 ounces of Spanish Red Wine

2 ounce of Sprite or Lemon/Lime Soda

1 ounce of soda water

Juice of half a lime

Ice cubes

Fruits for garnish


  • Fill a tall wine glass with ice.

  • Add the wine, followed by the sprite and soda water. Squeeze in the lime and mix.

  • Garnish with your favorite summer fruits.


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